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Dried lemon peel, also recognized as lemon zest, is a radiant addition to a broad spectrum of culinary creations, spanning from Western to Eastern kitchens. With its zesty and mildly tart flavor, dried lemon peel imparts an invigorating, citrusy touch that elevates the taste profile of numerous dishes. Be it finely ground or used in its dried, strip-like form, this vibrant ingredient boasts a concentrated essence of fresh lemons, adding an aromatic layer to your culinary endeavors.

The citrusy tang of dried lemon peel is a defining element in an array of recipes. It finds its place in Mediterranean dishes, acting as a crucial element in an assortment of rubs, marinades, and sauces. The peel's bright tanginess often brings a balance to the richness of cakes and muffins, and it’s an essential component of the traditional lemon-poppyseed pairing. Moreover, dried lemon peel is widely appreciated in the world of mixology, where it's often used as a garnish or an aromatic element in cocktails.

Outside of the culinary realm, dried lemon peel serves multiple purposes - it can be steeped into hot water to make a calming tea, used as a natural deodorizer, or even integrated into homemade skincare products. With its versatility and rich flavor, dried lemon peel is a valuable player in both the kitchen and beyond.

Botanical Name: Citrus limon

Also known as: Lemon Peel, Citrus limon peel, Lemon rind, Lemon zest, Limonis pericarpium, Citrus limon pericarp, Lemon skin, Citrus limon skin, Limonis cortex, Citrus limon cortex, Lemon outer peel, Lemon outer rind, Lemon outer skin, Citrus limon outer peel, Citrus limon outer rind, Citrus limon outer skin, Lemon outer layer, Lemon outer covering, Lemon yellow skin, Lemon yellow zest, Citrus limon yellow skin, Citrus limon yellow zest, Lemon fruit peel, Lemon fruit rind, Citrus limon fruit peel, Citrus limon fruit rind, Lemon outermost layer, Lemon pith, Lemon mesocarp, Citrus limon mesocarp, Lemon epicarp, Citrus limon epicarp, Lemon exocarp, Citrus limon exocarp