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Lemongrass is a fragrant herb that is widely used in various cuisines worldwide. It is a perennial plant that is native to tropical regions, and its leaves are known for their unique lemony scent and flavor. Lemongrass is a versatile ingredient that can be used in soups, curries, teas, and other dishes to add a refreshing and zesty flavor. It is a popular herb in many kitchens due to its versatility, and it has become a staple ingredient for many chefs worldwide. Whether you want to add a touch of citrusy flavor to your dish or create a refreshing cup of tea, lemongrass is an excellent choice.

Botanical Name: Cymbopogon

Also known as:  شاي الليمون’, lemongrass, barbed wire grass, silky heads, Cochin grass, Malabar grass, oily heads, citronella grass, fever grass