Linden Leaves

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Linden leaves, delicate foliage of the venerable Linden tree, are indigenous to Europe and North America. This resilient species, also known as the Lime tree, thrives in the temperate climates of the northern hemisphere, a testament to its robustness and adaptability.

Favored in traditional healing practices, Linden leaves bring a treasure trove of health benefits. These leaves are known to promote relaxation, aid in digestion, and provide soothing relief from colds and coughs. Their reputed calming properties make Linden leaves a sought-after ingredient in herbal teas, offering a nurturing embrace that comforts both the body and the soul.

With a gentle, subtly sweet flavor profile, Linden leaves create a refreshing infusion. This pleasing taste, layered with hints of floral undertones, makes Linden tea a beloved choice for many, turning an ordinary tea time into an extraordinarily soothing experience.

Complementing their delightful taste, Linden leaves produce a soft, enchanting aroma. Their scent is often described as honey-like, with a delicate floral note that evokes the lush, peaceful groves where Linden trees flourish.

Botanical Name: Tilia

Also known as: Linden foliage, Tilia leaves, Lime tree leaves, Lime blossom leaves, Lime flower leaves, Basswood leaves, Lime tree foliage, Linden tree leaves, Linden flower leaves, Lime tree leafage, Tilleul leaves, and Lime tree greenery