Lovage Root

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Lovage root, known for its robust and earthy flavor profile, is a key ingredient in a wide variety of culinary traditions, particularly those of Central Europe. The root emanates a distinctive taste that can be described as a blend of celery and parsley, yet with a depth and complexity all its own. Often consumed in its raw form or ground into a powder, Lovage root is appreciated for its ability to enrich a broad spectrum of dishes with its unique savoriness.

A primary constituent in soups, stews, and broths, Lovage root imparts a warmth and depth that is difficult to replicate. In Central European kitchens, it's a customary component in hearty dishes, such as the traditional vegetable or meat stews. Lovage root's appeal doesn't end there; it’s also used in condiments like lovage-infused vinegar or oil, where its earthy tones are accentuated, enhancing the overall flavor of salads and other dishes.

Apart from its culinary prowess, Lovage root has found a place in the realm of traditional herbal medicine. Long appreciated for its potential health benefits, it is often brewed into teas or infused into tinctures. Whether you are utilizing it as a key ingredient in a complex dish or exploring its health-promoting properties, Lovage root serves as a versatile and valuable addition to any kitchen or home apothecary.

Botanical Name: Levisticum Officinale

Also known as: smellage, maggi, Old English lovage, Ligusticum, Levisticum, sea parsley, love parsley, Italian lovage, wild celery, smallage, maggi plant, ajmoda