Mint Oil

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Mint oil is native to the Mediterranean and the Middle East. It is made from the leaves of the Mentha piperita plant. It is thought to date back to Greek mythology and was grown in vast fields across the land. When pilgrims came to America, they brought mint with them, and it has been grown by Americans for hundreds of years. A widely used and popular herb, it is found in nearly every country in the world.

The two most common form of mint oil are peppermint and spearmint.

Mint oil is a common and popular flavoring for many different things. It flavors toothpastes gum, and mouthwashes. Mint oil can be used in cooking. It is used as a flavoring for a variety of pastries, candies, and baked goods. It is also commonly found in mint chocolate. The oil can be used in aromatherapy. Mint oil is an essential oil and may be used in a diffuser.

Mint oil has a cool, refreshing scent.

Also known as: Mentha piperita, Mentha balsamea, زيت النعناع