Mitmita Ethiopian Spice

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Discover the exhilarating dance of flavors encased in the vibrant Mitmita Spice Blend—an Ethiopian gem that resounds with fiery elegance and aromatic grandeur. This tapestry of spices entwines the daring heat of chili pepper with a cascade of lush and savory symphonies, creating a dynamic landscape of taste that unfolds in delightful rhythms upon the palate.

The chili pepper stands as a flaming beacon within Mitmita, casting a robust and passionate glow of heat, which gracefully intertwines with the earthy and profound melodies of cumin and coriander. Here, the stage is adorned with the ethereal, floral whispers of cardamom and the warming embrace of cloves, each contributing to the intricate ballet of flavors.

Cinnamon and ginger, like seasoned dancers, navigate this spice theatre with warm, aromatic moves, captivating senses, whilst garlic delivers a powerful and savory performance that adds depth, dimension, and a bold finale to the blend’s aromatic choreography.

Mitmita is a versatile virtuoso, illuminating meats with its intense heat and enriching stews and soups with its complex rhythms. From sparking intrigue in dips and sauces to gracing roasted nuts or popcorn with its fiery presence, Mitmita’s legacy is celebrated across various culinary stages, leaving an indelible mark of Ethiopian artistry.

Also known as: Kitfo Spice, ሚጥሚጣ (Mitmita), The Fiery Ethiopian Ballet of Flavors