Motherwort Herb

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Motherwort is a perennial herb native to Europe and Asia. It has small, pink or white flowers that bloom in the summer and early fall. The herb has a slightly bitter and astringent flavor, and is often used as a tea or infusion. In traditional herbal medicine, motherwort has been used to support heart health and relieve anxiety and stress. 

Motherwort can be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen. The dried herb can be brewed into a tea or infusion, and enjoyed hot or cold. It can also be added to hot baths or poultices to help soothe skin irritation and inflammation. With its unique flavor and potential health benefits, motherwort is a great addition to any herbal remedy collection.

Botanical Name: leonurus cardiaca

Also known as: Leonurus cardiaca, Mother's Wort, Cardiaire, Cardiaque, Agripaume Cardiaque, Agripaume, Agripalma, Cheneuse, Creneuse, Herbe Piquante, Herbe des Tonneliers, Leonuri cardiacae herba, Leonurus, Leonurus artemisia, Leonurus japonicus, Leonurus heterophyllus Sweet, Lion's Ear, Lion's Tail, Mélisse Sauvage, Oreille de Lion, Patte de Sorcier, Plante Mère, Queue de Lion, Roman Motherwort, Throw-Wort, Yi Mu Cao, Chinese Motherwort