Black Mustard Seeds

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Introducing our Black Mustard Seeds: these tiny, bold granules are a wellspring of pungent flavor, hailing from the vibrant fields where the mustard plant, Brassica nigra, flourishes. With a history as rich as its taste, black mustard seeds are esteemed for their sharp bite and aromatic piquancy, celebrated across numerous cuisines and culinary traditions around the globe.

Black Mustard Seeds, darker and more intense than their yellow counterparts, exude a rustic heat and complexity. Upon being cracked or ground, they release an invigorating, fiery essence that has the power to transform any dish, from a simple dressing to an elaborate curry, infusing it with a hearty, robust character.

Integral to Indian, African, and European cooking, these seeds lend their vivacious energy to pickles and preserves, imparting a tangy depth that dances on the palate. They are the soul of many spice blends, such as the Indian 'Panch Phoran' and the French 'Moutarde de Meaux'. Toasting them releases earthy, nutty flavors, making them an essential player in the orchestra of spices needed to create authentic and memorable dishes.

In addition to their culinary uses, Black Mustard Seeds have been recognized for their oil content and potential health benefits, containing compounds believed to have anti-inflammatory and digestive properties.

Botanical Name: Brassica nigra

Also known as: Rai, Sarson, Kali Sarson, Schwarzer Senf, Moutarde noire, Senape nera, Mostaza negra, 黑芥末籽, الخردل الأسود, Mustard Black