Oatstraw Herb

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Oatstraw is the straw of the oat plant, which is a tall, slender grass that is commonly grown for its edible grains. Oatstraw is the stalks of the oat plant that remain after the grains have been harvested. It is a rich source of fiber and nutrients, and has a slightly sweet, grassy flavor.

Oatstraw is commonly used as animal feed, but can also be brewed into a tea. Oatstraw is light green in color and has a soft, pliable texture, making it easy to work with in various applications. Despite its humble origins, oatstraw is a valuable and versatile plant that has been used for centuries for a variety of purposes.

Botanical name: Avena sativa

Also known as: Avena, oatgrass, common oat, oat, sult