Ottoman Spice mix

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Ottoman Spice is a carefully crafted blend of ten premium spices that combine to create a unique and exotic flavor. This blend includes garlic, which adds a pungent and savory taste, along with Armenian pepper and Urfa pepper, which contribute a mild heat and smoky flavor to the mix. Allspice, red pepper, and thyme are also included, adding a warm and earthy flavor profile to the blend. Nutmeg and cardamom provide a sweet and slightly spicy taste, while tarragon adds a subtle licorice note. Finally, safflower gives the blend a beautiful golden hue.

Our Ottoman Spice is made with only the highest quality ingredients, ensuring that every dish you prepare with it is rich in flavor and aroma. This blend is perfect for seasoning meats, vegetables, and even soups and stews, giving your meals a distinctive and authentic taste. It is ideal for those who love to explore new and exciting flavors and are looking for a unique addition to their pantry.

Also known as: Turkish Spice