Paneer Dodi

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Paneer Dodi or Indian Coagulating Curdling Agent, is a plant native to India. It is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine as a natural curdling agent for milk and as a digestive aid. It is also believed to have a number of other medicinal properties, including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. The plant is a small shrub with delicate, white flowers and small, red fruit.

The dried plant is often ground into a powder, which can be added to food or used to make a tea. It has a slightly bitter taste and a pungent smell. While it has a long history of use in traditional medicine, more research is needed to fully understand the potential health benefits of Paneer Dodi.

Botanical Name: withania coagulans

Also known as: Indian rennet, Vegetable rennet, Paneer bandh, Panirband, Paneer dodhi, Paneer-dodi, Punir dodi, Paneer booti