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Introducing our Paprika Smoked, a rich and aromatic spice that brings a touch of smoky elegance to any dish. Originating from the dried and smoked pods of the Capsicum annuum pepper, this spice is celebrated for its deep red color and its ability to infuse foods with a warm, complex flavor and a subtle, smoldering heat.

Our Smoked Paprika is crafted through a traditional process where peppers are slowly smoked over a wood fire, imparting a distinctive smoky flavor that sets it apart from regular paprika. This method ensures that each granule of paprika carries the nuanced essence of smoke, combined with a sweet and mildly spicy pepper taste. It's this combination that makes smoked paprika a beloved ingredient in a variety of cuisines, particularly in Spanish dishes like paella and chorizo, as well as in contemporary cooking around the globe.

In addition to its culinary uses, Smoked Paprika is also known for its nutritional benefits. It's a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins A and E, and other beneficial compounds that contribute to health and well-being. Whether used as a vibrant garnish, an integral component of a spice rub, or as a key ingredient in sauces and stews, Smoked Paprika adds depth, color, and a gourmet touch to any meal.

Our Paprika Smoked is more than just a spice; it's an invitation to explore a world of flavor and to transform ordinary dishes into extraordinary culinary experiences.

Botanical Name: Capsicum annuum

Also known as: Pimentón Ahumado, Smoked Red Pepper Powder, Geräuchertes Paprikapulver, Paprika Fumé, Affumicato Paprika, 燻製パプリカ, دخان الفلفل الحلو