Black Stone Flower

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Black Stone Flower, or Kalpasi, is a unique spice that boasts a deep earthy aroma and is prevalent in Indian cuisine, particularly in Chettinad cooking. This rare, lichen-sourced spice, often mistaken for a dried mushroom due to its large, flat, and dark appearance, is used to infuse a rich, woody flavor into dishes. Utilized both in its dried form or ground into a powder, Black Stone Flower is appreciated for its subtle yet complex flavor profile, which adds depth to culinary creations.

The mystical allure of Black Stone Flower plays an integral part in a plethora of dishes. It is employed masterfully in Chettinad curries, biryanis, and various spice blends, where its faintly sweet and smoky character harmonizes with other ingredients to create a symphony of flavors. Moreover, this spice has a beautiful affinity with meat dishes, contributing an unmatched layer of flavor that is both nuanced and robust.

Beyond its culinary usage, the Black Stone Flower's intriguing appearance and captivating aroma make it a compelling ingredient for experimental cooks and gastronomes. It stands as a testament to the profound diversity and richness of spices in our global culinary palette, and its unique qualities make it an enticing addition to any spice collection.

Botanical Name: Parmotrema perlatum

Also known as: Kalpasi, Dagad Phool, Patthar Ke Phool, Patthar Phool, Dagar Da Phool, Dagarful, Stone Flowers, Rock Flowers, Parmotrema perlatum