Pippali Root

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Pippali Root, commonly known as Long Pepper, is a well-regarded spice and medicinal herb particularly noted in Ayurvedic traditions. Native to India and Southeast Asia, this slender, vine-ripened spice offers a taste that is warm, slightly sweet, and remarkably similar to black pepper, yet accompanied by a distinct, subtle spiciness. In its whole form or finely ground, Pippali Root has the capability to enrich various dishes with its unique flavor profile and it's also admired for its potential health benefits, especially in the respiratory and digestive systems.

This aromatic spice shines when used in a variety of culinary preparations. It graces Indian and Asian cuisines, enhancing the flavors of curries, soups, and pickles with its sweet and spicy notes. Traditionally, it’s used in Ayurvedic 'Trikatu' formulation, which includes ginger and black pepper, praised for its potential to aid digestion and enhance the bioavailability of nutrients. The complex flavor profile of Pippali Root makes it a delightful addition to sweet and savory dishes alike, infusing them with a touch of exotic warmth.

Beyond the realm of gastronomy, Pippali Root finds its application in various health tonics and teas, amplifying their potential wellness benefits. It is often combined with honey to make a soothing remedy for coughs or used in Ayurvedic practices to potentially improve respiratory health. The versatility of Pippali Root, encompassing culinary, medicinal, and holistic wellbeing, underlines its unique appeal in the realm of spices and herbs.

Botanical Name: Piper Longum

Also known as: long pepper, piper root, Bengal pepper, long pepper, Indian long pepper, Bengal pepper, pipal, pipul, pippali moola, and piper longum