Pippali Root

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Pippali Root, also known as Long Pepper, is a respected spice and herb often featured in Ayurvedic traditions. Hailing from India and Southeast Asia, this slender, vine-ripened spice imparts a warm, slightly sweet flavor, reminiscent of black pepper, yet with its own unique, subtle spiciness. Whether used whole or finely ground, Pippali Root has the potential to enrich a variety of dishes with its distinct flavor profile and is also recognized for its wellness-supporting qualities.

This aromatic spice truly comes alive in the realm of culinary arts. It's a celebrated ingredient in Indian and Asian cuisines, adding depth to the flavors of curries, soups, and pickles with its sweet and spicy notes. Traditionally, it forms part of the Ayurvedic 'Trikatu' blend, which includes ginger and black pepper, appreciated for its potential to enhance digestive comfort and nutrient absorption. Pippali Root's complex flavor profile brings an exotic warmth to both sweet and savory dishes.

Venturing beyond gastronomy, Pippali Root also finds its place in various health tonics and teas, supplementing their wellness-supporting potential. It's often paired with honey in traditional recipes for soothing comfort or featured in Ayurvedic practices in a general wellness context. The versatility of Pippali Root, spanning culinary, traditional wellness, and holistic wellbeing practices, underscores its special place among spices and herbs.

Botanical Name: Piper Longum

Also known as: long pepper, piper root, Bengal pepper, long pepper, Indian long pepper, Bengal pepper, pipal, pipul, pippali moola, and piper longum