Plantain Leaves

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The Plantago major, otherwise known as the broadleaf plantain, is native to Europe, North, and Central Asia. This plant grows along the roadside, in fields, and in disturbed soil. The plantain is thought to be one of the first plants to make it to North America, after it was colonized by the Europeans. It was, and still is, known by some Native Americans as 'white man's footprint'. 

Plantain leaves, when they are young, can be eaten as a salad green. When they are older, they may be boiled, and put into stews. The leaves were also popularly used in folk medicine, to be used on wounds, sores, and stings. The leaves also may help with coughs, and are still applied topically for wounds, sores, bites, and stings today. 

Although the two have the same name, broadleaf plantain and the plantain fruit are unrelated. 

Plantain leaves taste grassy and peppery. 

Botanical Name: Plantago major

Also known as: white man's foot, greater plantain