Poppy Seeds

Poppy Seeds - Ameen white poppy seeds black poppy seeds  Papaver somniferum - Khus Khus (Hindi) - بذور الخشخاش
Poppy Seeds - Ameen
Poppy Seeds - Ameen
Poppy Seeds Nutrition Facts

Poppy Seeds

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White Poppy Seeds Black Poppy Seeds

Poppy Seeds - Originating in the Mediterranean, poppy seeds can be found in Eastern Asia, Southern Asia, and South Southeastern Europe. They have been around for civilizations, and have even been mentioned in ancient Egyptian papyrus scrolls. There are a variety of poppyseed colours, including white, black, and blue.


They can be used ground, whole, or pressed to make poppyseed oil.  They are often used for decoration and flavour in many dishes. They can be used in muffins, bagels, cakes, and candy bars.


Poppy seeds tend to have a nutty taste.


Also known as: Papaver somniferum - Khus Khus (Hindi) - بذور الخشخاش


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