Rehmannia Root

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Rehmannia Root, also recognized by its botanical name, Rehmannia glutinosa, is a revered herb in traditional Chinese medicine. Known for its sweet yet slightly bitter flavor profile, this tuberous root has been used for centuries to support overall well-being. The root, often prepared in its dried form, is a dark, wrinkled substance that infuses a characteristic, potent flavor when introduced into concoctions and herbal remedies.

Playing a key role in numerous traditional Chinese formulations, Rehmannia Root is lauded for its perceived benefits to the human body. It is incorporated in tonics aimed at nurturing the kidneys and liver, while also being suggested for its potential to support blood health. Often stewed or steamed to unlock its properties, Rehmannia Root also finds its place in various decoctions and teas, imparting its distinctive taste.

Despite its primary medicinal applications, Rehmannia Root has a culinary presence too. It is incorporated into broths or infused into cooking liquids to introduce an earthy, mildly sweet undertone to the dishes. As a testament to its versatility, Rehmannia Root is also sometimes used to brew an intriguing herbal tea, demonstrating its multifaceted utility in daily life.

Botanical Name: Rehmannia Glutinosa

Also known as: Chinese foxglove, figwort, jio, Di Huang, Shu Di Huang, Rehmanniae Radix, Radix Rehmanniae