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Rose Oil, distilled from the petals of various species of roses, most notably Rosa damascena and Rosa centifolia, is an exquisite essential oil cherished for its rich, floral, and intoxicating aroma. This luxurious oil is obtained through steam distillation or solvent extraction, capturing the essence of rose petals, which have been revered throughout history in perfumery, skincare, and aromatherapy for their emotional uplifting, skin-nourishing, and balancing properties.

In aromatherapy, Rose Oil is celebrated for its profound ability to elevate the mood, alleviate stress, and promote emotional well-being. Its deeply floral scent is believed to open the heart, soothe the spirit, and foster feelings of love and compassion. Additionally, Rose Oil's natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties make it exceptionally beneficial for skincare, particularly in enhancing skin tone, texture, and hydration.

The composition of Rose Oil, rich in phenethyl alcohol, geraniol, and citronellol, contributes to its wide range of therapeutic benefits. These components render Rose Oil effective in promoting skin health, balancing hormones, and supporting emotional and mental health.

Common Uses: Beyond its use in aromatherapy, Rose Oil is a prized ingredient in high-end perfumery for its captivating fragrance. It's also incorporated into luxury skincare formulations for its ability to regenerate skin cells, boost elasticity, and impart a radiant complexion. In addition, Rose Oil is used in natural remedies for its supportive effects on the reproductive and digestive systems.

Blends well with: Jasmine, Geranium, Frankincense, and Ylang-ylang, as well as other floral, woodsy, and citrus oils. These combinations enhance Rose Oil's floral and sensual notes, creating blends that are both aromatic and therapeutically beneficial.

Aromatic Scent: Rose Oil offers a rich, deeply floral, and enchanting aroma that is both romantic and uplifting, providing a luxurious and comforting olfactory experience.

Botanical Name: Rosa damascena, Rosa centifolia

Plant Part: Petals