Rose Petal

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Explore the delicate charm of our Rose Petals, meticulously picked from the exquisite Rosa species. Revered for their graceful beauty and aromatic allure, these petals are not just a feast for the eyes but also a cherished ingredient in culinary, wellness, and cosmetic applications worldwide.

Our Rose Petals exhibit a captivating floral aroma and a subtle, slightly sweet flavor, making them an enchanting addition to a range of dishes and preparations. They are often used to lend a delicate rose essence to desserts like puddings and pastries, as well as in aromatic teas and refreshing beverages. In savory dishes, rose petals impart an unexpected yet delightful floral note that can elevate the taste experience.

The allure of Rose Petals extends beyond their culinary uses. Known for their antioxidant properties and rich vitamin content, they are commonly utilized in natural remedies for skin care and relaxation. Rose Petals are a popular choice in herbal blends and potpourris, celebrated for their soothing fragrance and potential to enhance emotional well-being.

Our Rose Petals offer an opportunity to infuse your culinary creations and wellness practices with the elegance and tranquility of roses, adding a touch of floral sophistication to your daily life.

Botanical Name: Rosa

Also known as: Dried Rose Petals, Rosenblätter, Pétales de Rose, Pétalos de Rosa, ローズペタル, بتلات الورد