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Rosehip, also known as Rosa canina, is a significant botanical element traditionally utilized in various culinary and medicinal applications. Known for their vibrant color and subtly tart flavor, rosehips are the fruit of the rose plant, appearing after the blossoms have faded. Whether used fresh or dried, these small, round fruits bring a distinct touch to a myriad of dishes and wellness concoctions. They also hold a special place in herbal remedies, often associated with potential benefits to the immune system and skin health due to their high vitamin C content.

In the culinary domain, the tangy punch of rosehips imparts a unique character to an array of dishes and beverages. It's a common ingredient in jellies, jams, and syrups, its subtle sweetness complementing the tart profile perfectly. Rosehips are also infused in teas and various beverages, lending their distinctive flavor and vibrant color. In certain European cuisines, they're even used in soups and stews.

Beyond their gastronomic appeal, rosehips are frequently incorporated into skincare and wellness products. Their potential benefits to skin health, attributed to their rich vitamin C and antioxidant content, have made them a popular choice in beauty and personal care products. Whether steeped into herbal teas or formulated into skincare serums, rosehips attest to their multifaceted roles in our daily lives.

Botanical Name: Rosa Canina

Also known as: Persian Rose, Satapatrika, Hip Fruit, Rosa, Rosae pseudofructus, Cynosbatos, Poire d'oiseaux, Cynorhodon, Rosier de Provence, Hipberry, Fruit de l'Églantier, Dog Rose, Gulab, Rose des Apothicaires, Shatpari, Rose de Provins, Heps, Satapatri, Wild Boar Fruit, Phool Gulab, Hop Fruit