Rosemary Salt

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Introducing our Rosemary Salt, an aromatic blend that encapsulates the essence of the Mediterranean. This refined seasoning marries the robust, piney notes of freshly dried rosemary with the crisp, clean flavor of premium salt, creating a versatile and flavorful fusion that brings a touch of rustic elegance to any dish.

At the heart of our Rosemary Salt is the finest quality salt, selected for its ability to enhance and carry flavors. To this, we add hand-picked rosemary, known for its fragrant, woodsy aroma and a slightly minty, peppery taste. The rosemary is carefully dried to preserve its essential oils, ensuring that its full, vibrant flavor is captured in every granule of salt.

This beautifully balanced blend lends itself wonderfully to a wide array of culinary applications. It's perfect for rubbing on meats like lamb or chicken, infusing them with a taste of the Mediterranean countryside. The earthy flavor of rosemary salt also makes it an excellent choice for seasoning roasted vegetables, potatoes, and focaccia. Sprinkle it over fresh tomatoes or mozzarella for a simple yet flavorful enhancement.

Beyond its culinary uses, our Rosemary Salt serves as a fragrant reminder of the sun-drenched hillsides of the Mediterranean, bringing a sense of warmth and tradition to your kitchen. Whether used in everyday cooking or as part of a more elaborate recipe, this Rosemary Salt is sure to become a cherished seasoning in your spice collection.

Also known as: Herbed Salt, Mediterranean Rosemary Seasoning, Sale al Rosmarino, Sel au Romarin, Romero Sal, 迷迭香盐, ملح إكليل الجبل.