Solomon's Seal Root

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Solomon's Seal Root, scientifically known as Polygonatum biflorum, is a distinguished perennial plant native to North America, Europe, and Asia. The root is renowned for its distinct shape, resembling multiple seals stamped into its surface, a trait from which its name is derived. It holds a revered place in both traditional and modern herbal practices, appreciated for its potential therapeutic properties.

In the kitchen, Solomon's Seal Root imparts a slightly sweet and nutty flavor that complements a variety of dishes, from soups to teas. It is often consumed as a root vegetable or boiled down to create a syrup. Besides, the root is a staple in several traditional Asian cuisines, commonly used in medicinal soups and tonics, where it is valued for its purported health benefits.

Beyond its culinary usage, Solomon's Seal Root's historical and modern applications extend to the realm of herbal medicine. It's been traditionally used by herbalists for its purported benefits, including supporting joint and tissue health. Furthermore, it's often employed in teas, tinctures, and topical applications, contributing to its diverse uses and solidifying its reputation in the natural health community.

Botanical Name: Polygonatum odoratum

Also known as: Jade Bamboo, Lady's Seal, polygonatum, sealwort, dropberry, lady's seal, seal root, King Solomon's Seal, Yu Zhu in Chinese medicine