Stevia Leaves

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Native to Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina, Stevia has been used by indigenous peoples for centuries. It comes from the Stevia rebaudiana plant. There are nearly 250 species of the Stevia plant native to North and South America. Stevia is a member of the chrysanthemum family. 

Stevia leaves are used to make a powdered sweetener similar to sugar, but up to 300 times sweeter. They have been used as a sweetener since the 16th century. These leaves may  be used to sweeten sauces, and beverages. The stevia leaves can be made into a sweet syrup, and may also be used to garnish dishes. Today, the sweetener made from these leaves is used commercially worldwide. 

As it is much sweeter than table sugar, it is best to use a little bit at a time. 

Botanical Name: Stevia rebaudiana 

Also known as: sweet leaf, candyleaf, bertoni, caaehe