Sumac Seeds

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Introducing our Sumac Seeds, often referred to as Sumac Berries, the fruit of the Rhus coriaria shrub, a prized ingredient in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. These small, deep red berries are celebrated for their tangy, lemony flavor that is both refreshing and slightly fruity.

Sumac Berries are not just a culinary delight but also a feast for the eyes, with their vibrant red color adding a decorative touch to any dish. They are traditionally used whole or coarsely ground, releasing their distinct sour and slightly astringent flavor. Ideal for seasoning meats, particularly lamb and chicken, Sumac Berries are also perfect for enhancing salads, dips, and rice dishes, offering a delightful tartness that can replace lemon juice or vinegar.

Our Sumac Seeds (Sumac Berries) offer an authentic taste of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. Whether used whole to infuse dishes with their tangy flavor or ground for a burst of color and zest, these berries are a versatile and essential spice for any kitchen.

Botanical Name: Rhus coriaria

Also known as: Sumac Berries, Sumach Seeds, Rhus coriaria Seeds, Sumak Beeren, Baies de Sumac, Semillas de Zumaque, ズマックの実, توت السماق