Tienchi Root

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Tienchi root, also referred to as Panax notoginseng, is a celebrated medicinal root primarily found in traditional Chinese medicine. With a slightly bitter yet subtly sweet flavor profile, this unique botanical is typically consumed as a tea or an herbal supplement. The Tienchi root, often used in its dried or powdered form, is admired for its potential therapeutic properties and its ability to possibly support overall wellness.

The charm of Tienchi root lies in its purported health-enhancing benefits. It is traditionally used in tonics or elixirs aimed at promoting circulatory health and soothing minor injuries. Often, this root is gently simmered in water to release its potential medicinal qualities before being consumed as a warm, soothing tea. Additionally, it is common to find Tienchi root in various health supplements, owing to its potential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

In cooking, Tienchi root is occasionally used as a unique ingredient, adding a nuanced flavor and potential health benefits to a variety of dishes. Yet, its most significant value rests within the world of natural health remedies, where it continues to be a stalwart presence. Whether brewed into a comforting tea or included in health supplements, Tienchi root exemplifies the harmonious fusion of culinary versatility and potential health benefits.

Botanical Name: Panax Notoginseng

Also known as: Tian Men Dong, Tasty Leaf, Chinese Asparagus, Chinese Foxglove, Panax notoginseng, San Qi, Sanchi, Tian Qi, Tien Qi, Notoginseng, Pseudoginseng