Hyssop Herb

Hyssop, also known as Hyssopus officinalis, is a perennial herb that is native to Europe... ..


Icelandic Moss

Dried Icelandic Moss, scientifically known as Cetraria islandica, is a remarkable natural product treasured for... ..


Irish Moss

Irish Moss, also known as Sea Moss, is a remarkable marine plant widely used in... ..


Isatis Leaves

Isatis leaves, also known as Woad or dyer's woad, hold a noteworthy position in both... ..


Isatis Root

Isatis Root, a cherished botanical, is derived from the Isatis indigotica plant, native to the... ..


Jasmine Flower

Dried Jasmine flowers, a fragrant and delightful addition to the culinary world, are widely appreciated... ..


Juniper Berries

Juniper Berries, the distinctive, dark-blue fruits of the evergreen juniper shrub, originate from the crisp... ..


Kalmegh Herb

Kalmegh, or Andrographis paniculata, is a potent herb originating from the diverse ecosystems of tropical... ..


Kelp Atlantic

Kelp Atlantic, also known as Ascophyllum nodosum, holds an esteemed position within marine ecosystems and... ..


Knotgrass Herb

Knotgrass herb, scientifically known as Polygonum aviculare, is an underappreciated gem in the world of... ..


Kola Nut

Kola Nut, an integral component of West African culture, is renowned for its wide array... ..


Kudzu Root

Kudzu root, also known as Pueraria lobata, holds a significant place in the world of... ..


Lady's Mantle Herb

Lady's Mantle, scientifically known as Alchemilla vulgaris, is an herbaceous perennial treasured in the world... ..


Laminaria Powder

Laminaria powder, also recognized as kelp powder, is a valuable product derived from a type... ..


Lemon Balm Herb

Lemon balm, also known as Melissa officinalis, is a treasured herb cherished in culinary circles... ..


Lemon Peel

Dried lemon peel, also recognized as lemon zest, is a radiant addition to a broad... ..


Lily of The Valley

Lily of the Valley, known scientifically as Convallaria majalis, is a captivating woodland plant renowned... ..


Linden Leaves

Linden leaves, delicate foliage of the venerable Linden tree, are indigenous to Europe and North... ..


Lobelia Herb

Lobelia, frequently referred to as Lobelia inflata or Indian tobacco, is a plant that is... ..


Lovage Root

Lovage root, known for its robust and earthy flavor profile, is a key ingredient in... ..


Maca Root Powder

Maca root powder, a product derived from the Peruvian maca plant, has carved a significant... ..