Ayurvedic Updated

Alum Powder

Introducing our Alum (Fatakri) Powder, a finely ground form of the versatile and naturally occurring... ..


Alum Whole

Introducing our Alum (Fatakri) Whole, a naturally occurring mineral revered for its versatility in various... ..


Amchur Powder

Amchur, also known as dried mango powder, is a versatile spice that originates from Indian... ..


Amla Powder

Introducing our Amla Powder, a finely ground version of the revered Indian Gooseberry, known for... ..


Amla Whole

Introducing our Amla, or Indian Gooseberry, a remarkable fruit revered in the culinary and medicinal... ..


Arjun Chaal Powder

Introducing our Arjun Chaal Powder, a finely ground form of the bark of the Arjuna... ..


Ashwagandha Powder

Introducing our Ashwagandha Powder, derived from the roots of the Withania somnifera plant, a cherished... ..


Ashwagandha Root

Introducing our Ashwagandha Root, the foundational element of one of the most revered herbs in... ..


Baheda Powder

Introducing our Baheda Powder, a finely milled form of the celebrated Bibhitaki fruit from the... ..


Baheda Whole

Introducing our Baheda Whole, a significant herbal ingredient derived from the Bibhitaki tree, scientifically known... ..


Black Musli Powder

Introducing our Black Musli Powder, a finely ground version of the esteemed herb Curculigo orchioides,... ..


Black Musli Root

Introducing our Black Musli Root, a highly esteemed herb in the realm of traditional herbal... ..


Brahmi Powder

Introducing our Brahmi Powder, a revered and potent herbal powder derived from the Bacopa monnieri... ..


Char Goond (Gum Arabic)

Introducing our Char Goond, also widely known as Gum Arabic, a natural resin derived from... ..


Chasku Powder

Introducing our Chasku Powder, a distinctive and potent herbal powder derived from the seeds of... ..


Edible Clay (Slate)

Introducing our Edible Clay, also known as Slate Clay, a natural and earthy substance that... ..


Frankincense (Olibanum)

Introducing our Frankincense, also known as Olibanum, a resin of profound historical and cultural significance,... ..


Gond Katira (Tragacanth Gum)

Introducing our Gond Katira, also known as Tragacanth Gum, a natural gum obtained from the... ..



Introducing our Guggal, a revered natural resin extracted from the Commiphora wightii tree, native to... ..


Harde/Haritaki Powder

Introducing our Harde Powder, also known as Haritaki Powder, a finely ground form of the... ..


Harde/Haritaki Whole

Introducing our Harde, also widely known as Haritaki, a fundamental herb in Ayurvedic medicine, derived... ..